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Here is a great platform to share your success stories. Stories that inspire you become one of the success stories. Sharing your stories bring happiness leading to an awesome feeling. So come, share your stories that would spread none but happiness.

Nikita Hritesh

My profile was handled by my brother. There came a point when I got sick of people's idea of PERFECT MATCH, which was more about, religion, caste, community, kundli and salary but not what exactly the person is like. So, I decided I would look for MY PERFECT MATCH myself. Found Hritesh the first day itself, and we gel up so well that we never really asked each other's caste or salary or kundli, nothing of that sort at all. Luckily our parents agr

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Priya Raj

Our first family meeting was held on 3rdMay, 2007 in Ludhiana. After first meeting, we got engaged on 9th May, 2016. Iam highly grateful to this matrimonial site as I got my prince charming through the site. I am satisfied from the services which are rendered by happymarrily.com. At the end, I feel thankful to all staff members of the site for making me capable to find my soulmate.

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